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Mysterious Project: KGB stumbled upon 13000 year old mummified Alien Astronaut in 1961

project isis alien

In 1961. according to certain reports, the Russian military launched project ISIS. The goal of this project was to acquire both classified and clandestine alien documents and extraterrestrial technology. The Russian military stumbled upon the remains of an Alien being, estimated to be 13 millennia old.

In 1961 one of the world’s largest spy and state security organizations, the KGB, has discovered a mummified ancient alien astronaut. This mission included both scientists, Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and military experts.

The endeavor, named Project ISIS, was led by president of Egypt Gamel Abdel Nasser’s right hand man, Sami Sharaf. The main goal of Project Isis was to locate the so called “Tomb of the Visitor”.

The first time this story was ever mentioned was in the documentary devoted to Project ISIS, which carries the name “Secret KGB Abduction Files”. It was not shown to the public until 1998. This film purports that there is a video that serves as proof for the events surrounding “Project ISIS”.

This video, about which we know very little, can, if proven real, make the famous Roswell UFO crash seem like a boring joke.

There are hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people worldwide that have no doubt that ancient civilizations have been affected and touched by extraterrestrials. At that time, these beings were seen as Gods, devils or angels, but in actuality, they were aliens with superior technology.

The video, which documents the actions and events of Project ISIS, has been brought out into the open by a Russian national. This black and white video, which has been freed from certain secret archives of the KGB, clearly shows Soviet personnel recovering the mummified alien from a sarcophagus.

Skeptics are still uncertain, as it is impossible to confirm the videos authenticity and the origin of the remains. However, according to the Sci-Fi Channel, certain forensics experts have no doubt that the video is in fact, not fake.

The Sci-Fi channel claims that they have acquired this video from Russian “underground” sources and that the video has indeed come from the KGB vault. This story seems to be confirmed by certain high ranking KGB officers, and they agree that the Russians not only found the sarcophagus but that it contained a fossilized extraterrestrial.

The testimonies are rejected and dismissed by skeptics, as they believe that what the Russians found was not in fact a mummified Alien Astronaut, but an Egyptian noble or King. Sci-Fi stood by its claim that the video is in fact not fake and that the video was never shown before, as it was only recently that they successfully acquired the footage from their Russian contacts.

This footage shows Russian soldiers stepping into the tomb with little to no protection. However, when the alien coffin was opened, the Russians were forced to retreat and collect themselves. They returned fully protected, wearing gas masks and bio-hazard suits.

During the Cold War both the Russians and the Americans tried to outwit and “out arm” the other. They wanted the technological advantage, used specifically for military purposes. As the Russians were worried that the USA has secret alien technology being developed in Area 51, they created Project ISIS in 1961. All this is confirmed by historians and ufologists.

A Russian scientist, Viktor Ivanovich, who had access to all documents in the KGBs most secret archives, claimed that he had access to documents that serve as proof that the Soviets had indeed created Project ISIS, which was supposed to investigate and recover extraterrestrial technology found in the Giza plateau. It also states that they did this for the purposes of technological and military advancement.

Viktor Ivanovich claimed that, although there is clear and irrefutable proof that Russian scientists, accompanied by military personnel, found a tomb in the Giza plateau in 1961, what was found inside has not been revealed by the documents that were in his possession. He further states that only by utilizing his high ranking KGB sources can we know that the entity found in the sarcophagus is an alien which died over 10.000 years BC. The reports from project ISIS state that the entity was 2 meters tall and Carbon-14 testing found that it was 13000 years old.

The Canon of Turin

An interesting connection can be made between the Canon of Turin, also known as The Turin Papyrus, and the Ancient Alien found in Gaza. The text, which while damaged and incompletely preserved, it is still quite important. Written in the hieratic language, it is believed that the original listed over 300 names, with the exact year, month and day of the beginning and end of the named king’s rules. This papyrus is the most extensive list of kings available, which serves as the main way to determine the chronology of Egypt before the reign of Ramesses the Second.

The last two lines mention the “Venerables Shemsu-Hor, 13,420 years; Reigns before the Shemsu-Hor, 23,200 years; Total 36,620 years”, and are, at first glance, similar to the Sumerian King List.

The first dynasty of the Egyptian Kings came from the god Osiris. It was believed that Osiris came down from the skies in a sky ship. Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that this sky ship, or flying ship, is actually an ancient UFO.

The Tulli Papyrus

This document is considered one of the most important scrolls of ancient Egypt. It shows the Ancient Astronauts visiting Egypt.  It describes in great detail a large number of UFO sightings that happened during the reign of Thutmose the Third.

It belonged to Professor Alberto Tulli, a past director of the Egyptian Museum in the Vatican. It is cited as one of the oldest records depicting flying saucers. It was translated by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz.

Project ISIS

The project was deemed a success, as the Soviets were able to retrieve a number of alien “artifacts”.  Following the reports of a high ranking KGB agent, 15 boxes were found, the alien itself, placed in the sarcophagus, and numerous hieroglyphic inscriptions, and have mentioned that the there was a strange repulsive force coming from the walls, which defied scientific explanation. The inscriptions translated to a text that spoke widely about certain “winged deities”.

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