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Mysterious object will hit the Earth on Friday 13th

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The European Space Agency discovered a flying object that is heading towards the Earth. It is estimated that the object will fall into the Indian Ocean in November.

The flying object is known as WTF1190F. According to experts, this mysterious object will collide with our planet on Friday 13th this year. As this object seems to consist of metal, it is believed that it is a part of some space rocket or something similar.

The astronomers cannot say with certainty what this mysterious flying object really is.

Because it can’t be identified with certainty, it is logical for UFO hunters to conclude that it must be an object of alien origin.

Most importantly, this flying object is not a threat to humanity because it is only two meters in size, and it will burn up in Earth’s atmosphere upon entry.

An independent astronomy software developer Billy Gay revealed that the flying object is hollow on the inside, as it flies in an elliptical orbit. However, no one managed to determine what caused the hollow flying object to be driven with such force towards the Earth.

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell added that other similar objects will soon start crashing into the Earth. In order to avoid possible damages, these should be monitored and timely dealt with.


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