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Mysterious “Gate of the Gods” in Hayu Marca in Peru


An ancient legend tells us about the mysterious door not far from the Lake of Titicaca. This door is going to open one day and welcome the creators of the humanity.

These creators are going to return to their “solar ships”, and the whole humanity will be amazed.

Scientists say that this portal really exists. It is located near the Hayu Brand mountain region, 35km from the city of Puno in Peru. It is called the “Gate of the Gods”.

This region has always been inhabited by local people who call it the “City of Gods”. Despite the fact that only a small number of buildings have been found, scientists believe that there are numerous monuments under the ground surface.

The “gate” has been discovered accidentally by the local tour guide, Jose Luis Delgado Mamani, who used to walk in this area. Mamani stated that he had dreamt about this building and the pink marble door with a couple of sculptures on the side, long before he discovered it.

Local Natives of this area say that this portal used to be a “gate leading towards the land of Gods”. According to the legend, great heroes once used this gate to go to the land of Gods and to enjoy a prosperous immortal life.

Another legend says that, during the Spanish conquest, the Incan priest named Amaru Meru, from the Temple of the Seven Rays, escaped with the sacred golden disk known as the “key of the gods of seven rays” and hid in the mountains of Hayu Brand. He was afraid of Spaniards, who could have taken the key.

The priest eventually came upon the “Gate of the Gods” in Hayu Marca, where he showed the key to the priests and shamans. After the ritual, the portal opened and the blue light was coming from inside.

The priest Amaru Meru gave the golden disk to one of the shamans and went through the door. Nobody has ever seen him again.

Interestingly, the researchers have found the circular incision next to the door where a smaller circular object can be placed.

People who have visited the “Gate of the Gods” in Hayu Marca, and who have put their hands on the door, said that they felt strong energy going through their bodies, and also had some unusual visions.

“Gate of the Gods” in Hayu Marca reminds of the “Gate of the Sun” in Tiwanaku and five other archeological sites in the area.

An interesting thing is that, if somebody drew lines between these sites, the result would be the form of a strange cross with the center matching the central spot in Lake Titicaca, which is considered as the most sacred place in the region.

Scientists have even discovered the ruins of an ancient town right underneath the Lake of Titicaca, a town that existed a couple of thousands of years ago.

Is it possible that there are “portals” on Earth that are connected to other galaxies, planets or dimensions? Is it possible that the “gate” in Hayu Marca is one of them?

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