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Mysterious Black ‘cube’ exiting the sun spotted in NASA satellite image

mysterious object near the cun

The latest discovery in NASA satellite image is an unusual mysteriously looking black cube. This object was spotted in close proximity to the sun.

Ufologists and UFO hunters claim that the enigmatic object is in fact, NASA’s way of hiding numerous UFO’s that have been photographed orbiting the sun.

Ufologists say that this isn’t the first time similar objects have been spotted near the sun. In fact, they point towards a complex and unprecedented cover-up by numerous space agencies which try very hard to keep to public from noticing what’s really going on in the interstellar medium.

While the giant ‘Cube-shaped’ objects and UFO’s might not be anything more than mere image processing errors, they have fueled a debate between believers and skeptics about the nature behind the enigmatic objects.

‘This cube has been seen before off and on,’ explained Scott C. Waring. ‘The cube has been seen before off and on.’

‘Sometimes it is seen in three dimensions other times like this just two.’

As Scot Warring notes, there have been hundreds of mysterious objects spotted near the sun, and the mysterious ‘cube’ is not an error in the image nor dead pixels, but rather an Alien object orbiting the sun.

sun-object full

However, many claim that it’s impossible for the alleged ‘black cube’ to be a real UFO, but there could be something behind it which NASA has cut out of the original image.

Whether or not the enigmatic ‘objects’ that are seen near the sun are in fact Alien crafts as many believe depends on the beliefs of individuals. However, most of the images are fascinating and continue to ignite Ufologists’ interest in the Sun.


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