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The story of miniscule alien

06 Russian Alien

In 1996 Russian police discovered the remains of a small creature. The creature was named after the town where it was discovered, Kyshtym alien.

After the autopsy it was confirmed that the body was neither human nor animal. After the autopsy, Dr. Stanoslav Samoshkin concluded that the body did not belong to a human since its skull was made of 4 bones, while human skull had 6. The mummified body was 10 inches long and the head was enlarged and deformed.

This creature resembles the body found in 2003 in the Atacama Desert.
It was given another name by international media – the Uralian Alien. Soon after, similar stories came into view. According to one story,  Tamara Prosvirina found one alive miniscule alien. She discovered the alien in a cemetery tomb when a voice in her head led her to that location.

Prosvirina had taken the creature home with her, gave it a name Aleshenka and planned to nurture it as her son. After she was hospitalized because of illness, the alien passed away.


According to another similar story, Vladimir Nurtdinov was the one who discovered Aleshenka. When his home was inspected, he reluctantly passed the small mummy wrapped in red cloth to police officers. He never disclosed where he found it.

Ufologist and paranormal researcher Vadim Chernobrov examined the body and reported that based on genetic analysis it certainly was not human.  The alien’s elongated DNA did not match any sample existing at the laboratory.

Unfortunately, the mummified alien body disappeared without a trace. Based on the conclusion of an unreliable investigation, the body was snatched from the hospital morgue.

A Japanese Tv show even attempted to provide a reward of $200,000 for information regarding the alien mummy’s location.

Other sources claim that the alien body was cursed because series of strange accidents happened. Tamara Prosvirina was fatally hit by a car, while Chernobrov bizarrely became paralyzed from the waist down and died soon after. These events happened while the alien was examined and researched.

Academician Mark Milkhiker was another victim of this curse. He died of a fatal heart attack while he was doing his own investigation of this case.

It is hard to prove whether these claims are true or an exaggeration of the story.

But the fact of the matter is that twenty years ago somebody found the mummified remains of a creature from another world. If it were to turn up today, ufologists would be more than excited.

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