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Movie director has evidence to prove that the Moon landing was a fake – VIDEO


For 20 years now, the filmmaker Bart Sibrel has claimed that the Moon landing was a fake. He has finally obtained evidence to prove his claim.

He claims he possesses raw and original NASA footage. This footage reveals that the Apollo 11 crew was receiving orders from a third party. This unidentified source gave orders to the crew on how to stand and what to say. He said that the third party could have been the CIA.

He also stated that the visit to the Moon is virtually impossible due to cosmic radiation. If this mission was really successful, people would go to the Moon and back on numerous occasions and it would be colonized by now.

In addition to this, if such event happened, the astronauts involved would talk about it with utter amazement. In reality, Neil Armstrong hardly ever spoke about it in public.

Sibrel even directed a movie called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.

Sibrel believes that the raw footage is genuine and serves to prove for a fact that the Moon landing was fabricated.

He also said that the Moon landing was made up in order to divert attention from the Vietnam War.

As people consider the Moon landing a something close to a religious event, they can hardly be influenced to see the truth.

Sibrel also believes that the trip to the Moon is almost impossible due to the impenetrable Van Allen Belt and mega micro meteorite storms which hit the Moon on every 48 hours.


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