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Mobile phone batteries caused a deadly crash of MH370 passenger jet – VIDEO


Malaysian MH370 passenger jet was brought down by the explosion of cargo which did not go through security checks. There were mobile phone batteries in the cargo section.

This explosion caused the failure of communication systems, the change of course and eventually the deadly crash of MH370 passenger jet.

It seems that 239 passengers and crew were killed by Motorola batteries. The cargo was loaded with almost 500lbs of lithium-ion batteries.

Safety expert Dr. Victor Ettel stated that freshly manufactured batteries are a safety hazard. There were three pallets of batteries on the plane and two were located behind the Main Equipment Centre (MEC).

According to an aviation expert, the fire could have broken through the hold’s safety liner. The fire could disable the MEC, radios and transponder.

In addition to this, lithium-ion batteries release toxic fumes, which are strong enough to put pilots in an unconscious state within minutes.

This scenario excludes the possibility that terrorists were responsible for the disappearance of the passenger jet.

The new theory that the fire is responsible for failure of communication systems is plausible.

A ban on transportation of hazardous materials has already been issued by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Rechargeable lithium battery shipments are banned from passenger flights.

Unfortunately, the risk of transporting battery shipments is not a novelty among airlines. Aircraft makers Boeing and Airbus warned airlines at the beginning of the year to stop transporting such shipments.

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