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MI6 spy was killed by SVR agents


New information about the death of Gareth Williams was revealed. It seems that he was killed because he knew the identity of a Russian spy infiltrated in Britain’s top secret GCHQ base.

According to former KGB major Boris Karpichkov, this Russian agent was spying for Moscow.

Gareth Williams was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment. His body was locked inside a bag.

Karpichkov revealed that SVR agent murdered Williams. He was killed after he refused to become a double agent in an operation codenamed Sweetie. Russian agents blackmailed him into joining this operation. They threatened to reveal his hobby of cross dressing if he rejected their offer. It seems that he had £20,000 worth of women’s clothing in his apartment

Since he refused to cooperate and said that he knew the identity of a Russian spy, the SVR had to execute him and eliminate as a threat.

Williams was under surveillance by the SVR in order to gather every dirty detail about his life.

Since Karpichkov lived close to Gareth’s apartment, he noticed a number of Russian diplomatic cars around the area. He thought that Russian agents were after him, so he noted down their license plates.

After the news of Gareth’s murder became public he put all details together and concluded that the Russian surveillance was after Gareth.

He added that Gareth was killed by a needleless syringe comprising untraceable poison into his ear. SVR clean-up team returned to the crime scene and cleaned out any evidence that was left.

Police investigation in 2012 eventually concluded that the murder was accident. According to the police report, Gareth died after a suffocation which happened during a sex game which went wrong.


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