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MI6 spy Gareth Williams found dead in bag had ‘hacked Clinton secrets’


Gareth Williams was an MI6 spy who, according to new claims, discovered some delicate information about former US President Bill Clinton. Gareth Williams was found dead in 2010.

Based on reports from an anonymous source, Williams hacked into the event’s guest list, which was attended by President Clinton and forwarded that info to his friend who was also to be a guest at the party.

Even though Gareth Williams died five years ago, the case remains unsolved. The investigation was concluded in 2013. The body of deceased Williams was discovered in a bath and it was locked inside the bag. The coroner concluded that he was killed.

Sources close to Williams said that prior to his death, he had some problems adjusting to his new identity. Everyone noticed that it was really stressful to him.

Each time he had to adjust to a new identity, he was interrogated for 48 hours by an interrogation team. During one of those interrogations, his wrist got broken because he was handcuffed to a metal bar inside a van.

It was reported that spies have broken into Williams’ apartment last week and destroyed pieces of evidence, even though the apartment was under surveillance.

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