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Megaliths of Marcahuasi: Altar to the Gods or Life-Gates to Another World?

Marcahuasi stone forest

Mysterious Marcahuasi stone forest is located in the Peruvian Andes. Monuments and megalithic structures are located 12,500 feet above sea level. Every year, this mysterious place is visited by people who are trying to understand this place better and find clues about the hidden history.

This place is known for numerous curious shapes that are visible in shapes of the rocks. While the initial assumption is that these unusual shapes were formed naturally, some people would argue.  These shapes look a lot like human faces, various animals and religious symbols.

A giant granite boulder is particularly interesting as it resembles a human head gazing at the sky. Moreover, people claim that it even looks like the famous face on Mars. Other rocks resemble human mouths and chins.

Paranormal writer Daniel Ruzo was quite intrigued by the exceptional powers of the Marcahuasi stone forest. He conducted a thorough research of the megaliths engraved with strange symbols.

He was the one to suggest that Marcahuasi stone forest is not a natural formation but the remains  of once wonderful complex constructed in prehistoric times.

He even addressed this topic in his writing under the name Marcahuasi, the Story of a Fantastic Discovery. The following are his remarks:

“Our discoveries were made like this: observing rocks near where thousands of people lived, but they didn’t see them because they lacked faith in the magic world and in the works of art left by a former humanity which created and respected this world and produced these incomparable works of art, but left no signature. The artistic work was the rhythm of life, like heartbeats, or breathing, or walking on this earth. It was a work of magic.”

Other similar monoliths exist all around the world, and they are known as Tepotzlan in Mexico, Kakadu in Australia, Easter Island and Carpathian Mountains in Romania.

Marcahuasi stone forest 1

Ruzo believes that similar megaliths like this one were used as a place where people ran to during a time of great catastrophes since caves and caverns are usually located in its vicinity.

The fact that these peculiar formations exist cannot be denied. Moreover, the lack of definite explanation on how they were formed makes them even more mysterious and interesting.

There are even some unusual claims about the Marcahuasi. Some claim that this area works as an inter-dimensional doorway. It is also believed that this area was inhabited by an ancient civilization that once thrived but vanished for some reason.

Even if such civilization once existed, it was long before the time our history was written. It could be possible that once highly advanced civilization left behind a pathway between dimensions.

A woman even had an incident while she was camping in the area. She was attracted by the strange music coming from within the caves. Even though her friends stopped her from entering, she suffered a strange case of hemiplegia. The conventional medicine failed to determine the cause of her affliction. However, according to Peruvian investigator of the paranormal Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, that was the consequence of entering a doorway between dimensions.

Daniel Ruzo even came up with a theory that humanity lasts for a definite period of time. Based on his calculations, previous humanities lasted for 8,608 years. Each one of yhem was wiped out by some sort of a catastrophic event. According to this theory, some sort of apocalypse will wipe out our humanity  between the years of 2127 and 2137.

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