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15-year-old boy implanted a tiny microchip by himself


Some children are getting tattoos and weird piercings while Bryon Wake implanted a microchip all on his own. This procedure took place in his bedroom, while his parents were downstairs.

He programmed this tiny chip so it can be operated by his mobile phone to unlock doors and distribute electronic business cards.

It took him three days to inform his parents about his procedure. A doctor examined him and concluded that everything was in order. Bryon performed this procedure with a kit he ordered from the US.

This chip operates on the basis of near field communication which produces a low power radio-frequency that activates pre-programmed events. So far he’s been able to unlock a phone, start a car, control the Bluetooth function to play music from his speakers and deliver e-cards with the simple action of touching another Android phone which automatically transfers his details.

The chip is enclosed in a bio safe glass and it only took a small incision with a few drops of blood to put it under the skin.

His friends at school accepted his feat. However, his parent are uncertain about it.

It has been documented that approximately 10,000 people across the world are using microchip technology within their bodies. Employees in a Swedish company Epicenter are able to use a photocopier, open security doors and even pay for their lunch with the chip that has been implanted in their hands.

Professor Kevin Warwick gave support to Byron’s feat. He said that Byron is the youngest of all people who have chips inside their bodies. He also added that applications of this technology are numerous.

Bryon Wake sees his future in the IT industry.



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