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Life on Mars: Buzz Aldrin says humans will begin colony on Red Planet within 25 years


The idea of colonizing another planet is something that many people strive for. It is believed that Mars will be colonized in the very near future.

Buzz Aldrin said that getting humans to the Red Planet will be “easy” and that scientists are close to cracking the secret of sustaining interstellar life.

Dr Aldrin stated his opinion that humans will arrive on Mars in 2040 whilst speaking at London’s Science Museum yesterday.

The astronaut, who followed Neil Armstrong out of the Apollo lander to become one of the first men to step on the moon in 1969, said that extending humanity’s reach to the Red Planet will be “the easy part”.

He said: “We know how to do that, we know how to get people there.”

The challenging part, according to the 86-year old, “is being able to sustain yourself.”

He said: “To take the step (to Mars), to take the movement, to take the action to begin to occupy … is there anything bigger that humans could do on Earth than to leave and begin to occupy?

However, he warned that it may be difficult to find volunteers prepared to stomach the prospect of staying in space for an entire lifetime.

More than 200,000 people volunteered for the chance to live out their days on Mars when a Dutch company announced an ambitious plan to set up a base there by 2025.

The Mars One project generated headlines around the world after capturing people’s imaginations, with the organisers eventually forced to whittle down the huge volume of applications to just 100 of the most promising.



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