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Life on Earth could be destroyed by Black Hole – in an instant!

black hole

Scientists claim our home planet could be destroyed by  a black hole emitting a powerful burst of gamma radiation.

The Earth would be wiped out and not even the greatest minds on the planet know when it could happen.

When a star collapses, it creates a black hole. This release of energy creates a long gamma-ray burst (GRB) which can last about 60 seconds and can travel huge distances through the Universe.

Our Earth’s ozone layer protects us from the radiation that comes from space, but the thing is that a long gamma ray burst could easily puncture the ozone and destroy all life on our planet.

Kurzgesagt, a popular YouTube science channel, has an excellent explanation of this phenomena. The creator explains that the GRB doesn’t even have to be very precise. As it travels, it widens and would be „hundred light years wide by the time it reaches us, washing over the solar system like a tidal wave.“

He further states that while the ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun, it can not handle a GRB.

It would take years for the ozone to regenerate, which is far too long for us to survive the radiation from the sun.

It is believed by certain experts that the Ordovician extinction, which happened 450 million years ago, was caused by a GRB. However, this is very difficult to prove.

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