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King Arthurs castle found – Experts claim

02/02/2004, Cornwall, England, UK --- Tintagel Castle, associated with the legend of King Arthur, Tintagel, Cornwall, England, UK --- Image by © Roy Rainford/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis

Experts have found new evidence that may prove the existence of King Arthur. Archeologists believe they may have found his long-lost castle.

In the southwest of England, British researchers believe that the ruins of a medieval castle just might have been the property of the famous and mythical King Arthur.

Near the village of Tintagel, a village which is often connected with Arthurian legends, experts have found the remains of a 1 meter thick wall, steps and stone slabs. What gave rise to the idea of this castle being Arthur’s is the discovery of the name „Artognou“ engraved on a slab.

It is estimated that the castle had been built in the fifth century, the same century Arthur lived in.

Archeologists are certain that the owner of the castle was from a very high upper class, as they found jugs in which wine and olive oil were transported. They believe that the owner of the castle must have been a ruler of the ancient kingdom of Dumnonia.

Even though no one has yet to find concrete evidence that Arthur existed, these discoveries will at the very least give people something to talk about.

Another interesting point is whether King Arthur was real or a mix of different historical figures.

His death, for example, is a mix of the real and the fictitious. According to the stories, King Arthur was transported to the Isle of Avalon after fighting his rival, Mordred, and finally died fighting the Saxons. Historians believe that his final resting place is in a field in Shropshire.

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