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Kim Kardashian confesses Paris robbery ‘staged’ – show cancelled


It was already assumed that Kim Kardashian is involved in her Paris robbery and that the whole thing was staged. It appears that this is the reason why her show is temporarily canceled.

An E! network spokesman saidno decision has been made as to when production will resume,” but an assistant producer claims executives have cancelled the show.

Kim’s filmed confession, in which she implicates Kanye West and expresses regret at her decision to aid and abet him, will feature in the final ever episode of KUWTK.

E! have admitted that Kim is “overcome with regret and self-doubt,” saying that she “feels responsible and remorseful.

In the upcoming interview Kim shocked producers by saying “I didn’t even know what we did was against Paris law. I just want to rewind my life. I’m not interested in any insurance money now, so people need to get over saying this is illegal.

Kardashian clan on lockdown as E! announce they have halted production of the show

Kim initially approached producers and informed them she had something to get off her chest and that they needed to film her. As the cameras were rolling and the confession played out, producers were shocked to hear what Kim and Kanye had done.

When the interview was over, Kim said that she felt relieved and that a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She told producers that she thought it would be “great PR for the show.“

A senior producer, realizing the seriousness of Kim’s confession, made her sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and then executives at E! were shown the footage.

Executives consulted with lawyers and then immediately cancelled the show. They will air the episodes of the new season that have already been filmed, and Kim’s confession will feature in the final episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim has canceled all her scheduled appearances since the announcement, and there has been radio silence from all her social media accounts. The signed NDA prevents Kim from discussing her confession until it is aired in the final episode.

The Kardashians and the Wests have built a wall of silence around the Paris robbery investigation, ignoring calls from police to assist in their investigation and threatening a diplomatic incident between the United States and France.

Mother and manager Kris Jenner is desperate to keep the family and business together. In an attempt to misdirect away from the scandal, Kris has reportedly enlisted the assistance of celebrity psychic Tyler Henry to uncover the perpetrators behind the Paris crime.

Kanye, who has stopped asking for public donations to help him clear his debt, has even declined the proceeds of a gofundme.com fundraising effort without giving any reason for the sudden about face.

E! have confirmed that Kanye “would like their lives to go back to normal” and that he would even “like to replace Kim’s multi-million dollar ring.” Fans are confused why Kanye was asking for money just weeks ago, and now, straight after the robbery, is boasting about buying tens of millions of dollars worth of new jewelry.

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