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Kap Dwa – two-headed giant from Patagonia


The world of strange phenomena also known as the Fortean world became famous by the works contributed by P.T. Barnum. He started off as a politician and eventually started working as a showman.

He was also skilled in taxidermy and he produced something known as gaffs, which basically meant that he combined several different animal parts into a one and made a strange looking creature.

The result of his skill and vivid imagination were strange looking creatures that previously existed only in legends and tales. He made creatures like jackalope, dragons, chimeras and unicorns.

But the most famous product of gaff collectors is the most intriguing fake known as Kap Dwa, the two-headed Patagonian giant.

The story goes that Kap Dwa was caught by Spanish sailors in 1673. He was constantly tortured and whipped, which made him attempt an escape. However, he was killed during a battle that followed.

It appears that his mummified remains ended up in England in 19th century. For some time, his remains were in possession of Edwardian Horror Circuit and several freak show attractions. Finally, his remains were brought to Weston’s Birnbeck Pier in 1914. For the next 45 years, his remains were on display in North Somerset, England.

Today, his remains can be viewed in the collection of oddities at Bob’s Side Show at The Antique Man Ltd. in Baltimore. It is owned by Robert Gerber and his wife.

According to Gerber, there is not much known about the giant’s past except that he was discovered dead on a beach. He was discovered with a spear sticking out from his chest. His mummified body was even considered as a religious object by locals in Paraguay who worshiped him. His body was eventually brought to Baltimore by a Capt. George Bickle.

The remains of a two headed giant puzzled everyone. Even though skeptics don’t believe that Kap Dwa is real, those who saw it claim that there are no visible signs of rogue taxidermy which puts the entire theory of it just being a gaff into question.

It has to be noted that all these numerous stories could just be a result of the natural promotion of such an oddity over so many years of sideshow display.

Throughout the past, there were other depiction of giants. Dutch captain Sebalt de Weert described his encounter with the race of giants. He and his crew bumped into them while they were sailing trough the Magellan Strait. They were approached by the ships manned with giants with reddish-brown skin and long, red hair who seemed aggressive.

This is just one of many stories which mention a race of giants. A full description and illustration of a giant race can be found in a manuscript known as Codex Rios or Codex Vatican A.

All these stories and pieces of evidence found in manuscripts and writings support the belief that ancient race of giants once roamed the American continent.


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