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Julian Assange ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ By U.S. Government

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Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton demanded that WikiLeaks be registered as a terrorist organization. They claim Julian Assange is a high tech terrorist. There are even rumors of government strategists and high ranking military officials calling for his assassination.

It seems that the attacks on Assange prove one thing- If you tell the truth about the higher echelons of power in America, you will be labelled a terrorist. It is a clear sign of the government blocking off information from the people and hiding its corruption.

Let’s just look at what government officials and mainstream media had to say. CNN commentator Bob Beckel stated that, although he is against the death penalty, for Assange, the “treasonous, traitor” he believes we should just “shoot the son of a bitch” and that “a dead man can’t leak stuff”.

Karl Rove described Assange as an “enemy combatant” and that he needs to be “hunted down”.

It’s a sad day when telling the truth and exposing lies is punishable by death, while the big companies that are destroying our planet and our world are not punished at all.

However, there is still hope. With the efforts of WikiLeaks, the DNC suffered many resignations because of the email leak. At least some justice has been made.


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