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Japan invented technology that confuses facial recognition software


Facial recognition technologies won’t be able to threaten your privacy if you have the latest Japanese invention. Special spectacles were invented by Japanese scientists and allow you to stay anonymous.

These spectacles are called Privacy Visor and cost $240.

There is a near-infrared light source within these glasses, which serves to confuse the facial recognition software. Most importantly, it does not affect your vision.

The Privacy Visor uses a number of lenses which absorb and spread light from different angles and directions in order to confuse the software. So far, this is the first product which has the ability to keep you anonymous.

Based on the test results, Privacy Visor was successful in 90 percent of the time in tests using cameras on smartphones. But, the use of these glasses is not advisable while driving because it could be dangerous.

This product is expected to become available to customers in June 2016.


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