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Is this proof dinosaurs lived with HUMANS? Creationist claims REAL truth COVERED UP

Dinosaurs and humans lived on Earth at the same time according to a creationist claiming to have conclusive proof.

Ken Ham, founder of Creation Museum in Kentucky, United States, has put the supposed evidence on display at his centre.

Standard scientific evidence shows dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago following an asteroid colliding with Earth, which eventually led to the giant reptiles’ demise.

Humans, on the other hand, evolved from the remaining small mammals, and the anatomically modern man did not emerge until around 200,000 years ago.

But Mr Ham believes this is a cover-up and humans and dinosaurs shared Earth at one point, and the latter was eventually wiped out by the great flood.

Mr Ham believed the great flood happened about 4,300 years ago, but the majority of species was saved by Noah and his Ark, which is in accordance with the book of Genesis.

Mr Ham says the dinosaur fossils were found in Colorado about a decade ago and seem to represent a tyrannosaurus rex.

In a debate with famed scientist Bill Nye, Mr Ham said that the new exhibit will “help us defend the book of Genesis and expose the scientific problems with evolution”.

He added: “Evolutionists use dinosaurs to reach children more than anything to promote their worldview.

“Our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell their true history according to the Bible.”

However, Mr Nye snapped back at the claim, saying that it makes no logical sense.

Mr Nye said: “(If) there was a big flood on the earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level.

“Not any one of them did, not a single one.”


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