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Is this Chinese boy with blue eyes and cat-like vision an alien hybrid?


Did you know that a man can have a cat-like vision? Well, there is a boy in China who stunned doctors and his parents with his blue eyes and his ability to see in the dark.

When this boy, Nong Youhui, was born, his parents were concerned. Bright and blue eyes are not specific to the Chinese people. That is why his father, Nong Shihua, consulted doctors at a hospital in Dahua.

Doctors promised that the condition of his son’s eyes was just temporary, and that they will turn black after some time. That never happened.

The Nong’s eyes remained bright and blue and they would shine green in the dark each time the light was flashed at them. His eyes react like cat’s eyes do.

The difference between his vision and the vision of his classmates was evident. The teacher noticed that Nong was experiencing difficulties when playing outside in the sun. While Nong’s vision is blurry during the sunny day, at night he can see perfectly clearly. One of his friends described his ability to catch crickets at night without the help of a flashlight.

Everyone who heard Nong’s story was intrigued, including journalist Bi Donglei, from Heng County. He tested Nong’s eyes by showing him cards in the dark. Correct Nong’s answers confirmed his ability to see in the dark.

Donglei’s conclusion was that Nong’s night vision is as good as somebody else’s day vision.

A possible explanation of Hong’s specific condition is that he was born with an oddly high concentration of rods in his retinas, while his eye color could be a mild form of ocular albinism.

However, when we take into consideration the fact that there are other children with extraordinary abilities as well, it is simply impossible not to ask ourselves whether those cases have any connections with extraterrestrial world.

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