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Is this China’s Area 51? Video emerges of desert base which could hold alien secrets


An unusual discovery was made by a YouTube user. According to him, there is a desert base in the middle of Gobi desert. A number of airplanes are located on the site.

Some believe that it is China’s version of Area 51 and a secret military base.

Situated in the middle of nowhere in the Gobi desert, a series of strange structures have baffled internet users.

The focal point is a strange “Stonehenge-like” circle contains three aircrafts, which the narrator cannot identify.

The aircrafts are all pointing outwards, and as the Youtuber, ThirdPhaseOfMoon, looks at the time lapse on Google Earth, you can see that the number of planes there drops from four to three between 2005 and 2015, despite the fact that no tracks are left behind, and there is no runway close to it.

He asks: “I’m no aviation expert, but I have to say that these aircrafts look very strange to me. These tilted inwards wings, is this some kind of military jet?”

Additionally, to the right of the patch of aircrafts is a mysterious square formation with jagged lines running through it.

Some believe that this may be a secretive code that extra-terrestrial beings can pick up on aerially.

Furthermore, there is “some kind of landing strip” that isn’t connected to anything, which adds more mystery to the seemingly random arrangement of the ‘base’.

Stumped for an explanation, the narrator asks: “Does the Chinese government know what’s going on here? Is there a reason why it is out in the middle of the desert?

However, one commentator delivered another explanation. “It’s an old bombing area. no burn marks because the jets have been there since the MIGs [Russian aircrafts] were in use. They’re measuring the blast radius.”


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