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Is the world coming to an end? – VIDEO


Doomsday theorists claim that our world is coming to an end. Conspiracy theorists declared that enormous space rock will destroy the Earth.

According to online sources of information, Puerto Rico will be hit by a monster space rock.

These predictions are supposed to happen by the end of September. Some claim that the end is going to happen on the night of the Blood Moon on September 28. According to Rev Efraid Rodriguez, he had a vision of that meteor strike. He even warned NASA about this.

NASA released an official statement saying that nothing is going to hit the Earth within the next few hundred years.

Paul Chodas provided further explanation by saying that the evidence of an asteroid or any other celestial object that is on a dangerous trajectory does not exist. according to him, all these claims about the impact are not based on science.

He reassured the public that if such huge object was headed towards Earth in September, NASA would know.

However, it seems that 6 asteroids are labeled as potentially dangerous because their paths are close to Earth. These asteroids are 57, 39, and 31 m long and are due on September 23, 27 and 28. However, a 280 m long asteroid is due on September 24.

The impact of an asteroid of 1 km in length could destroy the life on planet Earth. Nonetheless, smaller asteroid of 50m could destroy a large city, while 100m asteroid could wipe out the entire continent.

These asteroids will fly pass the Earth at a distance of 5.1 million miles, 7 million miles and 14.7 million miles.

NASA labels these asteroids with numbers from zero to nine. Zero represents that NASA is certain about the predicted orbital path, while nine means it is extremely uncertain. Only the biggest meteor out of six received a zero. Other asteroids were given numbers from five and higher.

In addition to this, asteroids are also put into categories according to the risk they represent.

Potentially hazardous asteroids are those that are within 4.6 m miles of Earth and at least 100 meters across.

Such asteroids could cause major tsunamis and earthquakes. The possibility of such impact is one in every 10000 years.

In addition to this, NASA can only determine the location of 2% of the estimated 800,000 asteroids that are flying around the Earth.

This serves to prove that anything is possible and that NASA could be wrong.


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