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Is it the hand of a God or just an optical illusion? – VIDEO


NuStar telescope sent a focused X-ray towards a distant neutron star known as PSR B1509-58. In return, a spectral vision of something that resembles an outstretched hand was received. This spectral vision was named the Hand of God.

The scientists analyzed this cloud in the shape of a hand. High-energy X-rays were used to identify this cloud at a distance of 175 light years as a green, red and blue hand. It is believed that this cloud is left behind a star, which became a supernova.

According to principal investigator Fiona Harrison, NuSTAR telescope is a useful device because it enables scientists to observe objects and regions from a different perspective.

Star exploded and released a rotating pulsar, which propels a wind of particles. These particles are the remains of a supernova star and they act together with nearby magnetic fields causing an X-ray glow in the shape of a hand.

Scientists still have to decide whether the material is ejected in the shape of a star or if it is caused by interaction with the pulsar’s particles.

Hongjun An added that the scientists cannot determine with certainty whether the hand is an optical illusion.

However, believers are quite convinced that this hand actually belongs to God. Their view is supported by a claim that the God is everywhere.

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