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Irrefutable proof: UFO hovering above Mars


Another UFO was spotted in one of the pictures taken by Curiosity rover. Alien hunters consider this as an irrefutable proof of alien existence.

A genuine NASA image, released by the US space agency this week after it was beamed back from the Curiosity rover droid currently exploring Mars, was found to have the dark disc object in the distant sky.

It was found by UFO investigator Scott C Waring, a USA ex-pat based in Taiwan, who claims he has ruled out it being a smudge on the lens.

“It has a dark disk and is not an anomaly stuck to the lens.

“I checked other photos from the same camera and it is not there, therefore it’s not on the lens.

“It is flying in a horizontal position and observing the rover from a distance.”

The discovery has edited other UFO fans, who commented on his website, that it was “awesome”.

But Marcello Arten was excited for other reasons, adding: “Never mind the disc what about the row of oblong looking structures on the surface? What are they?”

NASA does not usually comment on such anomalies in its pictures, which tends to inflame conspiracy theorists, who believe it is hiding proof of aliens from the public.


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