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Inventions that could change the world but were hidden from the public – VIDEO


Numerous innovations and innovative technology were never available to the general public because the elite suppressed it.

Seven innovations that could have been useful today will be presented further in this article.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – Among many other inventions, Tesla is known for the invention of the Wardenclyffe Tower Project. The purpose of this invention was providing free energy. Electricity was harnessed from the Earth’s ionosphere using towers for that purpose.

This project was never finished since his lab, equipment and intellectual property were burned and his funding was cut. It is believed that this project was considered a threat to conventional electricity grid system.

Raymond Rife (1888-1971) – He was a famous doctor who invented a cancer machine which cured cancer. American Medical Association forced him to hand over rights to his work which he refused.AMA and pharmaceutical establishment considered this invention a threat because it was successful in eliminating cancer.

The truth is that the pharmaceutical establishment does not want this solution, because it would mean the loss of immense revenue.

Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) – His invention could force the change in weather conditions. It was called cloud buster.

This machine was able to create rain clouds which could have been used in drought areas for crop irrigation.

This invention could have been useful in creating the world where there is plenty of food for everyone. His equipment was seized and destroyed by FDA on the charges of fraud and deception.

Linus Pauling (1901-1994) – Along with his colleague Matthias Rath, he concluded that long-term vitamin C deficiency causes heart disease.

They discovered that with regular doses of vitamin C combined with the amino acids lysine and proline have an effect of narrowing or blocking of the lumen of the blood vessels, which is responsible for limiting blood flow and cardiovascular disease.

However, this cheap medicine was ignored like many other similar discoveries.

Stanley Meyer (1940-1998) – He is the creator of the car that runs on water. He invented a revolutionary engine system which used hydrogen from water as a fuel source.

Unfortunately, his work never became public since he refused to sell the rights and patents. He died of uranium poisoning and it is believed that he was murdered.

Harry Hoxey (1901 – 1974) – Harry Hoxey invented an herbal formula which could cure cancer. He developed a remedy which can be used internally to clean body of toxins and to boost the immune system and a paste which is applied externally to eliminate outside tumors.

Seventeen private cancer clinics were set up across the USA. Thousands of people were treated in these centers and doctors who reviewed his cases concluded that Hoxey’s clinics successfully treated terminal cancer cases without any surgery or x-rays.

Hoxey refused to sell his remedy to AMA because he was certain that they would not hand it to poor people for free. Hoxey was engaged in a long legal battle against the AMA. Even though thousands of people stated under oath that they were cured by Hoxey’s treatment, the AMA refused to acknowledge this.

He even won the case, but was branded as a fake doctor by those in charge. Despite being arrested approximately hundred times, he would post his bail and continue to give cure to people suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, after years of effort, the FDA closed his clinics and seized his remedies.

His work was continued by his former nurse in a clinic in Mexico. According to medical records, this clinic has 80% cure rate.

Nazi flying saucer technology – During the WWII, antigravity flying saucer technology was developed. Initially, this technology was located at a secret base in the Antarctic. Later, it was moved to the military base Black Sun on the dark side of the Moon.

Eyewitnesses in London, New York and Prague said that they saw objects traveling at high speed with visible German military iron cross insignia.

It is believed that 15 different prototypes were developed.

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