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INCREDIBLE: Real-Life Bermuda Triangle Found Over Equatorial Region?


The Bermuda Triangle is considered the one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Throughout the history, the Bermuda Triangle is blamed for many disappearances of planes and ships.

It is believed that the area of Bermuda triangle is ruled by strong electromagnetic anomalies.

However, many theories of the Bermuda Triangle were never backed by scientific evidence.

The scientists have discovered the equatorial electrojet and it is similar to the Bermuda Triangle. This narrow ribbon of current flowing across the equatorial region of the Earth’s ionosphere is very sensitive. The scientist concluded that equatorial regions are also vulnerable and can form large geomagnetic storms.

Such magnetic storms can occur quite often and have the ability to disrupt power grids in places like Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Anomalies in power systems weren’t recognized before researchers found this anomaly.

It is probably because NASA did not have a lot of data from power companies in equatorial regions.

A research astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Antti Pulkkinen stated that this anomaly has yet to be analyzed. Any discover concerning this matter could be beneficial to engineers who are working on a proposed European super grid that would connect Europe to north Africa.

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