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Response to Carl Sagan’s message sent into space in 1974


Carl Sagan and colleagues aired a message into space using radio waves. This famous message under the name of Arecibo was broadcasted in 1974. The NASA antenna was used in order to transmit signal approximately 25,000 light years away. This message was directed to any extraterrestrial intelligence that exists in the space.

This message disclosed specifics of human kind, DNA and physical appearance.

In 2001, crop circles appeared right next to Britain’s largest telescope. The shape of these crop circles resembles the form that was broadcasted in 1974.

Message that was left in the crops appears to be the answer to the message aired in 1974 by NASA.

This was considered a trick, even though the message defined a different solar system, an image of the sender non-human DNA and a microwave antenna.

The image of a face came out first. It was done using a new technique in crop circle generation which is also used for printing a face on a piece of paper. Rectangular image was visible three days after.


A year before this sighting, the microwave antenna signal appeared in that very field.

According to National Security Agency, a series of 29 messages from outer space was received. Based on a declassified document Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages, these messages are in a form of binary code which resembles the binary code of Arecibo message.

Unknown facts about Crop Circles

The phenomenon of crop circles is found all over the world. The oldest cases happened decades ago. Their design is complex and it completely confused those who have been researching them. Some designs are electrostatically charged and littered with strange magnetic particles.

According to physicists who analyzed this phenomenon, those who made them used GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves. Another interesting fact is that no one has ever been caught during the process of making crop circles.

Whether the makers of these crops are human or non-human, we have to admit that they are an extremely advanced artistic group with lots of assets at their disposal.


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