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Humans will settle on the Moon within 5 years – VIDEO

South Pole of the Moon

Mission under the name Luna 27 will be a joint European and Russian mission to colonize the Moon.

This idea will be materialized within five years.

Initial step would be to establish whether South Pole of the Moon has sources of water or raw material. It is believed that this side of the Moon contains ice.

When these matters are settled, people will be sent to the Moon to build a permanent settlement.

Prof Igor Mitrofanov further explained that the Moon is about to become the permanent base of human civilization. Russia will collaborate with European Space Agency (ESA) during this venture. According to Bérengère Houdou, Europe wants to send a mission to the Moon.

It has already been announced that ESA plans to build a European base on the Moon.

In this joint venture of Russia and Europe, Russia is the leader of the project, while ESA is in charge of developing the required equipment. The project has to be approved at a meeting of ministers in late 2016.

According to ESA’s lead scientist on the Luna 27 project, Dr James Carpenter, the South Pole of the Moon has a lot to offer. Icy water can be utilized as rocket fuel or in life-support systems for future human missions.

Prof Mitrofanov added that the permanent human base can have significant commercial benefits. The Moon base would be used for astronomical observation, for the utilization of minerals, other lunar resources and even for trips to Mars.


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