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Humans as we know them to be gone by 2100 and replaced by ALIEN children

Astronomer Seth Shostak

Astronomer Seth Shostak revealed that alien babies and AI will replace the current life that exists on the Earth.

Mr Shostak, who is also director of the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Seti) Institute, says the advancements in these two fields could lead to “alien” species that take our place at the top of the chain on Earth by 2100.

He argues our children and grandchildren may “usher in the last act for Homo sapiens” with the rise of genetically engineered children.

Shostak writes: “Re-engineering our children will transform our species even faster. We can eventually produce offspring that are as different from us as dogs are from gray wolves.

He believes that the rise of AI will be the biggest influence on the future of humanity because unlike genetically engineered children, “it is less a matter of improving our descendants than replacing them with our engineered successors”.

Mr Shostak adds that these two completely re-write our future, and warns that by the end of the century, Homo sapiens will be virtually unrecognisable from what we currently know and have known for the last 50,000 years.

Mr Shostak added: “Everyone expects our progeny to establish colonies on the moon or Mars, but the better deal is to build huge, orbiting habitats in which you can live without a spacesuit.

The 72-year old added: “These are changes that don’t just shape our future. They knead it into something inconceivably different.



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