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Human-Alien discovered dead in his car

Human-Alien hybrid alan lash

The dead body of Jeffrey Alan Lash was discovered in the stage of decomposing in a parked car. It was revealed that this person is believed to be an alien hybrid.

After police discovered his body, they searched the residence of his fiancée Catherine Nebron. The police discovered 1,200 firearms consisting of rifles, pistols and shotguns, which were estimated to be worth over $5 million.

People in his surrounding thought of him as unusual and odd. However, his fiancee and her employee said that he was an undercover human-alien hybrid who worked for the secret US government agencies. Many believe that his mission was to protect planet Earth.

Still, it is unknown whether he had mental issues or he was really a hybrid.


Even though he had some health problems, he strongly refused to be admitted in a hospital. He died in front of his fiancée and her employee Dawn VadBunker on July 4th. They put him in the trunk of their SUV and left the car in the 17000 block of Palisades Drive and left for Oregon.

His body was discovered after two weeks. His fiancée explained that she left the body because the CIA would come and take it away.

Dawn VadBunker even went away without informing anyone about her whereabouts. She sent a letter to her mother in which she stated that she was sorry for doing it. She left two children behind.

According to thorough research, police concluded that Lash’s weapons seem to be a part of a private collection and that he was not an arms dealer.

Police also discovered a modified SUV which could be used underwater. They also discovered hidden $230,000 in cash.

He suddenly became distant and had very little contact with his family. His family said that he was always interested in guns. Still, they were surprised by the amount of weapons in his possession.

Police has yet to determine the cause of his death.

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