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Huge manuscript four millennia old found in Ancient Egypt

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After 70 years of remaining hidden, the manuscript, measuring 8 feet in length, has been rediscover. The tome is full of ancient incantations and depictions of the supernatural and the divine.

Discovered in Cairo, it was found in an old storage container at the Egyptian Museum. It predates the drawings of the Book of the Dead and this in turn makes the long lost manuscript a crucial piece for any Egyptologist, archeologist and historian.

Discovery news reports that it is the longest text ever discovered in ancient Egypt. Measuring 2,5 meters, and seeing as how it was written on both sides, historians have, in front of them, 5 meters of texts and illustrations.

Wael Sherbiny, the man who found the text states that it is “the longest leather roll from Ancient Egypt”.

It is full of ancient text that illustrate rituals that are used for funerals and is believed to date back to the age of the Old kingdom and towards the Early Middle Kingdom- 2300 to 2000 BC. It also contains religious texts and spells.

The drawings found are believed to predate by a millennia similar drawings found in the Book of the dead.

Sherbiny further explained that the illustration found on the covers can be found on the sarcophagi that date back to the middle kingdom. This sarcophagi, which were found in the Necropolis of Hemopolis in Upper Egypt, is dated somewhere between 2055 and 1650 BC.

What’s interesting to note is that leather manuscripts from Egypt are very rare, as the leather falls apart over the years, which is the reason papyrus is used the most. In fact, leather was considered very prestigious and expensive and used only for the most sacred of religious texts.

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