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Huge geometrical figures discovered in Kazakhstan


NASA discovered geoglyphs in Kazakhstan from an altitude of 400 miles. These were unknown before NASA published high-resolution satellite images.

These photographs show huge geometric figures consisting of squares, lines, crosses and circles. These geometrical figures are even 200 meters in size. Due to the size of figures, they can only be viewed from space.

Russian archaeologist Dmitriy Dey discovered these geographical figures eight years ago. These are known as ‘Nazca lines’ of Kazakhstan. Because the interest in these figures has risen over time, many experts took a part in this research and managed to discover over 260 geoglyphs. The oldest of them is estimated to be approximately 8,000 years old.

The largest one is a square, which is made of 101 raised mounds.

The initial discovery from 2007 led Dmitriy Dey to conclude that he discovered some kind of Soviet installation, but other discoveries led him to change his conclusion.

Archeologists are really interested in Steppe Geoglyphs because they consider them unique and mysterious.

According to Mr. Dey, ancient Mehadzhar culture could be responsible for these figures. They inhabited the region from 7000 to 500 BC.

On the other hand, scientists stated that nomadic tribe did not stay long enough in the area to construct the figures.

Some believe that the purpose of these figures was to observe and follow the movements of the sun.



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