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New Claims about Hitler’s death


According to new allegations about Hitler, new claims emerged stating that he and his wife escaped Berlin at the end of WWII.

In a new documentary aired on UK’s Channel 5 it has been reported that he didn’t commit suicide as it was previously thought. People were deceived into thinking that such thing happened. In line with these alleged new pieces of information, the Third Reich ruler and his wife had escaped from the bombed out compound while faking their death using body doubles.

It is believed that Hitler escaped in a Nazi stronghold in the South Pole. The whole history could be changed by just one claim. According to official records, in April 1945, the mass murdered and dictator shot himself in the head while his wife died of a lethal cyanide pill. The official report stated that their bodies were quickly burned afterwards.

Gerrard Williams, journalist, author and historian said that he believes that the real Hitler and his wife escaped in April 1945. He added that secret FBI documents exist which hold proof that months and years after the end of the war sightings of the Nazi leader were examined by the Americans.

The official report claiming that the couple died shortly after 2.30 on April 1945 released by the British Intelligence Services was mainly founded on third party accounts and that the deaths were concluded without the evidence of bodies.

This claim was dismissed 23 years later by a Russian autopsy which seemingly matched a recovered jawbone to Hitler’s dental records. The cause of death was confirmed by a skull fragment with bullet hole and a DNA testing in 2009 confirming these conclusions.

Since Russian government still rejects any access to the body parts, historians assert that this data was damaged. They claim that evidence based on statements of eyewitnesses is nothing but a weak statement given to Soviet interrogators.

Professor Williams said that despite the statement in 1945 that the bodies were not discovered, a report from 1968 said that the bodies were discovered. Everything is supported by eyewitness evidence who never actually saw any bodies, nobody saw them going into their private chambers and nobody saw Hitler and Eva dead. According to Williams claims, history might be seriously flawed. The only truth is that two people had died but in order for their bodies to be used as doubles.

Professor of history at the London School of Economics, Sonke Neitzel reported that there were witness accounts which were gathered by the British proving that Hitler’s death was unreliable and that the prisoners who wire in the bunker probably lied to Soviets during the interrogation.

People believed that two bodies that were planted in a shallow belonged to Hitler and Eva. This story was retold too many times, thus the world accepted it as the truth while it is actually a lie.

But now new theories claim that everything we thought we knew about Hitler’s death is a lie. According to new theories, Hitler had escaped to stronghold in the South Pole where the Nazis had plans of colonization.


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