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Hikers left fleeing in dread after finding ‘Devil tree’ burning only on the inside


Unusual phenomenon happened in the woods in Ohio. A tree was caught on fire but only on the inside.

The clip was filmed by two passersby in woods in Ohio, USA, on December 21.

It shows flames raging inside a tree, from top to bottom, with no sign of any fire damage on the outside.

The flames are only visible because of cracks and holes in the bark that give it an eerie glow.

In the short clip one walker is heard saying: “What the f***?

“It’s starting to get up and around.”

The cameraman slips over twice and the other man says: “We better get out of here.”

The footage, posted on YouTube, was picked up by conspiracy theory websites, with the story stating: “This tree fire is quite unusual and unlike anything you may have ever seen before.

“Instead of burning from the outside, two passersby found this tree ablaze inside the trunk.

“How is this even possible?”

One viewer later posted on YouTube simply: “Hail Satan.”

Others speculated it was a freak lightening strike that caused it.

Research shows that the phenomena is natural and has happened before.

It can be caused by lighting bolts, but wildfires can also spread by burning roots underground and then into the insides of large trees such as the Ponderosa pine, due to natural turpentine inside them.

In some cases several trees can be ablaze on the inside with little sign of anything visible from outside.


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