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Hermit crab discovered on Mars – VIDEO


The hermit crab is one of the latest discoveries on Mars. This discovery can be observed in the pictures taken by NASA Rover.

This discovery is just one among many recent ones. So far, images of humanoid beings, the scorpion and hermit crab were discovered.

Curiosity Rover is located on Mars in order to analyze the surface of Mars and evidence of life. The images are taken by Curiosity Rover and uploaded online.

Therefore, anyone can see these discoveries for themselves.

According to Scott C Waring, there is plenty of evidence that life on Mars exists. However, NASA is quite reluctant to accept that.

Scott C Waring found proof of what looks a lot like an old man on a chair, a tiny alien hiding behind a small structure, humanoid figure, alien skull, and other objects.

On the other hand, many people are not so convinced of the truthfulness of these findings because those images show different shades of rocks.

Scientists attribute such findings to pareidolia and a vivid imagination.


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