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Hatton Garden Robbery – Robbers had their eyes on a mysterious object!


Many precious items are being kept inside of the Hatton Garden vault, such as diamonds, jewels and gold. The thieves were not interested in any of them, which is very unusual and makes the police to think that the robbers were after something else.

According to one of the victims, this group of six criminals acted very odd. There are 999 deposit boxes in the vault, but they were only interested in opening 72 of them. They knew what they were looking for on that Easter weekend.

Times reports that victims cannot agree on how many items ended up on the vault floor after the heist. Half a dozen or hundreds?

A mysterious raid


On Thursday, April 2, all the employees working there left the building after their shift and went home to prepare for Easter. It is suspected that the thieves entered the building unnoticed before the end of the working day. They waited for everyone to leave.

A day after that, on April 3, nobody noticed anything strange, even though something triggered the alarm in the basement 20 minutes after midnight. Although the security guard didn’t look inside the vaults, he checked the basement, and didn’t notice anything unusual. Therefore, there was no need for the police to show up.

Within the next three days the heist happened, but it cannot be told for sure when exactly. Robbers had to drill through the wall and unlock more than 70 safety deposit boxes, which means they needed a lot of time, at least a couple of hours.

Tuesday, April 7 is the first working day after the holiday. Employees started coming back to their work, but they couldn’t imagine what was awaiting them. After they discovered the chaos, police came.

Photos taken at the site by the police testify about the daring approach thieves used to steal £60m worth of items.

Robbers drilled 50-cm deep hole in the wall of the vault in order to get inside.

As Scotland Yard stated, tools they used were found on the site and include an angle grinder, concrete drills and crowbars. The wrought-iron cage door along with thick walls were insufficient to keep the burglars outside of the vault.

Police concluded that they had a key or an accomplice, because, taking into consideration the fact that there was no sign of forced entry, somebody must have let them inside.

It looks like the criminals put the elevator on the second floor out of function and used an elevator shaft to reach the basement. The elevator shaft was demolished during their action.

After opening shutter doors leading to the basement, they started the final step – drilling holes.

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