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Harvard psychiatrist confirmed that alien abductions are real

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According to Harvard professor, psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize recipient, John Mack, alien abductions are taking place in another dimensions and other realities.

He developed an interest in the phenomenon of alien abduction while working with patients who claimed to have been abducted. He took another approach. Instead of diagnosing such patients with schizophrenia or other mental disease, he became one of the key creators of abduction research.

His interest to research this phenomenon was based on the amount of available evidence which prove that such abductions did happen. The evidence was given by both people who experienced it and by official documents by numerous governments around the world.

Mack stated that some evidence can be taken quite literally, while some has to be clearly analyzed. As numerous UFOs have been observed and photographed, such evidence cannot be denied.

In 1994 he published a book Abduction. Hundreds of alleged abductees were interviewed by Mike himself for this publication. One of the described encounters took place in the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe, on September 16th, 1994. Reportedly, over sixty schoolchildren stated that they saw many flying objects that looked like as spaceships. The drawings provided as evidence by these children were consistent.

He is convinced that these children had experienced something real.

When he works with abductees, his initial approach is like the one that the doctor of medicine has. His priority is their health. Then, he is interested in their story. Based on his experience, many abductees said that they attained spiritual awareness from their experience with aliens. He suggested that contact with extraterrestrial intelligence could have positive results.

After abductions, human consciousness was altered so they were able to maintain telepathic communication with aliens. Images of environmental disasters, earthquakes, or other major catastrophes were inserted into their mind so many people who were abducted by aliens started humanitarian work in order to change the current path of our society.

He also described a procedure known as hybridization. In his book Abduction, Mack described experience of one of his subjects, Scott. Scott recalled that extraterrestrials triggered his sexual arousal and ejaculation with wires while he was lying on the table. The purpose of this procedure was to create babies. Based on another Scott’s memory, he saw cylinders with tiny babies that were apparently made from his ejaculate. As a key part of the hybridization, extraterrestrials had to physically alter themselves in order to be able to breathe on Earth.

Mack considered extremely traumatic abduction experiences to be component of spiritual transformation. His view is in contrast to the view of other researchers.

These experiences differ from physical kinds of hurts, wounds, to experiences which are more psychological or spiritual.

The following video is a video from Citizens Hearing on Disclosure that took place in May of 2013. This event took place in Washington where the official state personel disclosed witness testimony about the UFO phenomenon. Speaker in this video is Dr. Roger Leir who has performed more than fifteen surgeries that removed sixteen separate alien implants.

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