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Grandparents’ attic hides unbelievable secrets


The last month experience of a family from Tampa in Florida confirmed how secret the attics could be.

Mike Lopez and his sister never expected that the usual activities, such as spring cleaning, could end up revealing an amazing secret. A centuries-old, secretive box was awaiting them on their Grandparents’ attic.

The box was keeping some old Spanish coins, torn map of the Hillsborough River and a mummified hand with a cryptic ring on the finger.

Their grandfather used to tell them stories when they were children. Those stories involved their great-grandfather, Ernesto Lopes, who was in touch with Jose Gaspar, a notorious pirate who possessed a legendary treasure. After the discovery of the box, it became clear that the stories were not just that, there was something more in the background.

The authenticity of the box was confirmed by local antique stores. Additional examination by the curator of the Tampa History Center showed that the coins from the box were oddly thin Spanish doubloons. According to the curator, there is a possibility that the map represents a copy of a very old document.

Another explanation is that Mike’s great-grandfather has been responsible for the serious pirate fraud without ever telling anyone in the family about it. If that is not the case, then he really must have found some treasure on the Hillsborough River. Now it is impossible to tell what the truth is.

The mummified hand with its ring will keep tickling the imagination, even though the Mike’s family is convinced that it belonged to the infamous pirate.

So, have you checked your grandparents’ attic yet?

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