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Giant skeletons prove that giants lived in communities in Ecuador and Peru


Remains of giant skeletons unearthed in the Ecuador and Peru Amazon are currently being examined in Germany. These giant skeletons are seven and eight feet tall.

According to British anthropologist Russell Dement, the researchers still have to work a lot on this discovery. Such a discovery is of great anthropological and medical importance.

Ever since the first discovery happened in 2013, half a dozen human skeletons were discovered. It is believed that these remains date back to early 1400s and the mid-1500s.

Research team consisting of Dement and four researchers from Freie Universität in Germany are currently involved in this research. Dement believes that their research will be faced with skepticism because many people do not believe that giants once existed.

All discoveries were made outside Cuenca and in its vicinity. A total of three complete skeletons and two partial skeletons were discovered.

Dement concluded that there are no signs of the medical condition known as gigantism. It appears that these skeletons belonged to healthy individuals. The remains were covered with leaves and buried in thick clay. This preserved the remains and kept them in good condition.

Legends of very tall people who lived in the area are known among the natives. The natives consider these really tall Amazonian people the members of the spirit world.

Through the history, many discoveries of remains of giant people have been made. Scientific literature also documented such discoveries.

According to the literature, the tallest person was Robert Wadlow. He was eight feet and eleven inches tall (2.72 meters). Another tall person known as The Irish Giant reached the height of almost seven feet which corresponds to 2.31 meters. The skeleton of Charles Byrne can be seen at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London.

Based on such evidence, it can be concluded that giant people probably lived in communities in the past.

At the moment, Dement is trying is analyze the DNA of giant skeletons and compare it to the DNA samples from the Shuar communities in order to establish a possible connection.


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