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Dangers of a massive sinkhole in Russia


A giant sinkhole is becoming more and more dangerous for people living in western Russia. This massive sinkhole is gradually increasing every day.

This massive sinkhole developed on the site of a collapsing mine in the Russian region of Perm. The Solikamsk-2 mine was flooded in last November.

The dimensions of the sinkhole were 20-by-30 meters in November. Moreover, by the end of August the sinkhole became 122-by 125-meters wide and 75 meters deep.

And this trend might even continue, because so far, it hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. Nearby houses are endangered because the soil keeps collapsing. Many houses were swallowed by the ground movement.

The hole can even be observed from space.

As the sinkhole appeared near the mine, the company which owns the mine, blamed it on flooding which was caused by an earthquake in 1995. The company Uralkali promised some sort of compensation to owners of collapsed houses.

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