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U.S. Navy encounter with a huge UFO


The U.S. Navy experienced a close encounter with a huge UFO. Recently revealed photos feature this encounter.

Investigator Alex Mistretta obtained this photographic evidence from his unspecified sources in Europe. These were added to The Black Vault.

This event happened in March 1971. During a routine military and scientific mission at the edge of the Arctic Ocean, the unidentified object was observed by one of the officers in a Sturgeon Class attack submarine.

John Kilika spotted it while unnamed officer took photos. According to Mistretta’s source, some inscriptions were written on the back of one of the photos. It has been reported that the following was written: “Official photograph. Not to be released. CT.” and “Unauthorized Disclosure Subject. Security Certificate SSN 674. Criminal Sanction.”

Even though such inscription does not have to be genuine, it makes this story more intriguing.


In addition to these photos, it has been concluded that such submarine was in the area at the time. Based on the photos, it seems that two different objects were observed. Thus, it is uncertain if it was a single UFO, which changed its shape, or two different UFOs.


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