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Former politician claims: I am the one who stopped Large Hadron Collider destroying the world – VIDEO

Simon Parkes

A former politician revealed that Illuminati wanted to use CERN in their vicious plans to control the world.

CERN is a research facility located in Geneva, which sole purpose is to learn more about physics and the possibility of parallel universes. Many people fear that the Large Hadron Collider can create a black hole large enough to swallow up the world.

A former Labour town councillor for Whitby in North Yorkshire, Simon Parkes, revealed his theory during his speech at a UFO convention in a country manor house. Based on his speech, he stopped the Illuminati in their plan to use the LHC for their evil plans in August.

He further explained that the LHC is based on alien technology. Illuminati wanted to destroy the connection between humanity and the divine world.

In order to stop this, he engaged people in a global meditation group. They used their consciousness to stop such event. However, he was informed that the Illuminati found out about his plan and brought Satanic black magicians with them as a protection.

Despite all this, Mr Parkes and his meditation group used their minds to create positive energy which stopped the portal from opening.

He even claimed that a thunderstorm over Switzerland was a response to the power gathered by his meditation group. Because of this, the LHC had to run on back-up power system.

Even though Mr Parkes revealed all this in a public speech, the evidence of LHC being used for such purposes does not exist.

Nonetheless, people are still convinced that these events really took place.

According to Mr Parkes, the Illuminati’s initial plan had failed so they are now working on a new one.

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