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Former airman abducted, experimented on and forced into life of slavery on secret Moon base


A former U.S. Air Force radar tracking operator, Niara Terela Isley, wrote a book where she shared her traumatic experience related to the abduction by aliens.

She claims that she was abducted by aliens in 1980, when she and her colleagues were traveling on a mission at the Tonopah Test Range. They were surprised by a glowing UFO that started following their aircraft, which is why they were ordered to intercept this flying object.

However, their landing ended unexpectedly. The secret Air Force division took them into custody as soon as they landed. This was the first time that Isley was abducted, but she says that she was abducted and taken to a secret moon base on the dark side of the Moon up to 10 times.

Even though the base was operated by humans, the control was in the hands of reptilian beings, she explains.

She was treated badly, forced to do physical work, such as lifting and stacking boxes, and sexually abused by men in the base. In addition to that, she was subjected to a series of experiments with the purpose of erasing her memory and destroying her free will.

She was not the only one who had such a disturbing experience. Numerous abductees describe bases on the Moon as buildings that look like the Pentagon.

According to Isley, Gray extraterrestrials were responsible for conducting medical procedures.

This torture lasted for months. When Isley realized that her memories from that period are missing, that was the sign to her that she might have been abducted. This is why she underwent hypnosis, which helped her to remember what happened within those three months in 1980.

Niara Terela Isley and many other abductees are sure that military forces worldwide played a significant role in their kidnapping.

Maybe it is hard to believe, but cases like Isley’s are not rare. This is why she recommends anyone who suffers from memory loss in some particular period, to undergo hypnosis and solve the mystery of missing time.

Isley and other people who have been through the same experience usually don’t have adequate proof that can support their stories.

Just the idea of the secret base on the Moon, held by both humans and aliens, is worrying enough. However, having memories about such a traumatic experience can permanently disturb a person’s life and make them paranoid.

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