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Fleet of UFOs or bizarre clouds?


People in Cape Town, South Africa were amazed by unusual clouds which many considered to be UFOs.

This phenomenon, which many mistakenly take for UFOs is known as Lenticular Clouds. Many pictures of these unusually shaped clouds were posted online.

According to a meteorologist Derek Van Dam, Lenticular Clouds appear during certain weather conditions. Such clouds are formed when air reaches an obstacle, most likely a mountain. The mountain in question could be Table Mountain, Signal Hill or even the Overberg Mountains.

A mountain, which serves as an obstacle to air flow, initiates wind vortexes. Further on, the moisture within the waves of wind is condensed leading to the creation of UFO shaped cloud. After a while, the cloud will disappear after the moisture is evaporated.

Even though the phenomenon of lenticular clouds is no longer an unknown concept among people, many still think that they saw a UFO.

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