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First viable cells of a woolly mammoth discovered – VIDEO


Scientists are trying to clone the long lost prehistoric animal. Based on the latest discovery, the scientists have moved forward into desired direction.

The scientists successfully discovered a complete sample of mammoth DNA. They made this discovery in Siberia in Russia. The intact woolly mammoth specimen was discovered frozen in permafrost.  Lyakhovsky Islands unearthed the total of six mammoth carcasses.

Russia is funding a research called Project Mammoth Revival, with the purpose of cloning the prehistoric creature.

The idea is to use an elephant egg in combination with cells from frozen woolly mammoth remains and to successfully produce a new, living specimen of prehistoric woolly mammal.

Semyon Grigoryev stated that the reason they chose the Lyakhovsky Islands is because that area is rich in mammoth remains.

Korean scientists share the belief that viable cells can be found in the skin. So far, Russian and Korean scientist, as well as the scientists from the Netherlands, are trying to clone this prehistoric animal in a special laboratory in Yakutsk, Russia.


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