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Final proof? As bone and claw are ‘found on Mars’ UFO hunters declare ‘aliens must exist’


UFO hunters are convinced more than ever that aliens exist. Their belief is based on the latest finding of a bone and claw on Mars.

YouTube channel Martian Archaeology is claiming the credit for the bone-like object, which could realistically also be an odd-shaped rock.

But Scott C Waring, who promoted the video on website UFO Sightings Daily, is convinced it is the bone of a once-living being.

He said: “This bone was found by Martian Archaeology.

“It is an extraordinary find and near a lot of half-melted artefacts.”

He went on to suggest he could see parts of weapons such as bows and arrows and an axe.

Mr Waring is convinced a vicious war between Martians and other lifeforms once raged on the Red Planet before a nuclear-type bomb finished everyone off – hence is current barren status.

The self-styled alien investigator, whose New Year message was that his brand of science was finally being taken seriously an full alien disclosure should soon follow, has found a host of “other items” himself in different NASA rover pictures.

Most notable are an alleged alien claw photo bombing one of the rover’s pictures, and an ancient temple like structure.

Put plainly, the scientists say this is one giant case of pareidolia – when the brain tricks they eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as rock surfaces.


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