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Fears Large Hadron Collider power boost could open up devastating BLACK HOLE


It has been speculated for a while now that Large Hadron Collider could open up a black hole. It seems that those fears are higher than ever.

Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) are planning to revamp the LHC with more power next week as they look to unravel more mysteries of the universe.

The large machine in Geneva will once again be used to smash particles into each other after the organisation had some success back in December when they possibly discovered a new particle.

This time around, CERN hopes that more power in the LHC will lead to greater discoveries.

It wrote on a recent blog post: “In 2016 the LHC will continue to open the path for new discoveries by providing up to 1 billion collisions per second to its experiments as it continues Run 2.

“The goal this year is to reach an integrated luminosity of around 25 fb-1, up from the 4 fb-1 it reached by the end of last year.”

However, more power in the machine has left some fearing the worst, with theories of black holes opening up, while others believe it could open a portal to another, more sinister, dimension.

Even Pope Francis previously got in on the act, telling the masses at St Peter’s Square in May 2015: “My fellow Christians, we are living in desperate times. Science is about to test the limits of God and his creation. God has created boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead.”

Nonetheless, CERN has moved to ease people’s fears, with its spokesman Arnaud Marsollier saying that conspiracy theorists and followers of religion would “probably … be disappointed” with the impact the experiment will have on humanity.



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