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Aliens have visited New Mexico even before 1950


According to new pieces of evidence, aliens have visited New Mexico even before 1950. The FBI has released a memo as evidence.

Many files are available to the public in a new online resource called The Vault. One of many documents is the one that is being discussed in this article.

The subject line of this memo is Flying Saucers to the director from Guy Hottel. The agent disclosed the information concerning three identified flying saucers in New Mexico.

He also added that the flying saucers were 50 feet in diameter in circular shape. Every one of them was occupied by 3 feet tall human shaped bodies. These wore some sort of metallic fabric and it seems that they wore protective suits similar to those of the pilots.

The flying saucers were detected by a very high-powered radar, which was located in that area. According to Guy Hottel, further research on this matter was never conducted.


Roswell is well known to the public because one flying saucer crashed in the desert near a military base on July 2, 1947. It has been claimed that American authorities concealed the discovery of alien bodies and that the autopsy was performed on those bodies.

The initial public statement was that a disc was discovered. However, they changed it and said that a weather balloon crashed.

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