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Farnborough in Britain hides an alien underground complex – VIDEO


The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) published quite lengthy report on the alleged UFO sightings and alien abduction activity.

This report also includes the former MoD Defence Evaluation and Research Agency site. BEAMS believe that the city of Farnborough is where many alien related activities took place.

According to BEAMS researchers Kenneth Parsons and Hilary Porter, their claims are based on investigation and evidence provided by government informers.

However, cryptic signs in the building and on the site were considered a lead evidence of this theory. They claim that even the building was arranged to resemble a flying saucer. Researchers consider the Qinetiq site one of three major secret underground facilities found in the UK.

It seems that these secret facilities are used to replicate possible outcomes of nuclear war. According to another claim, acquired alien technology and genetics programs are being used by people employed at British underground facilities.

All these facilities are heavily guarded and protected, which further serves to prove that something strictly confidential is going behind the sealed doors.

They even think the road structure around the facility is highly unusual because it is shaped as a reptilian figure of the Aboriginal supreme creator.

Based on all these pieces of evidence, researcher duo believes that Farnborough is a British equivalent of the Area 51 complex in Nevada.

Under the Qinetiq, there is an extensive complex of a highly technological underground base.

However, Nigel Watson is not impressed by such claims because these seem like nothing new. The notion of underground alien bases dates back to 1962. The founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) in Bridgeport, Connecticut stated that he was taken to an underground HQ in Antarctica by aliens.

After a thorough analysis of 109-page report, a spokesman of Qinetiq will issue a statement on all these claims.


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