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Facts that sound unbelievable, yet they are true


Did you know that tiny Bangladesh has more residents than Russia? Did you know that there is still a nuclear hydrogen bomb at the bottom of the sea? Did you know that people used to use heroin to treat cold?

Tiny Bangladesh has more residents than Russia.

Bangladesh extends over the area of 147,570 square kilometers and has a population of 156.6 million people, while Russia occupies area of 17,075,400 square kilometers and has a population of 143.5 million people, writes Business Insider.

Lost nuclear hydrogen bomb  

In 1958, plane of the US Army awkwardly passed by the huge Boing B-47. Because of the fear and negligence during this event, the US Army pilot accidently dropped the nuclear hydrogen bomb into the sea, somewhere near the coast of Georgia. The bomb has never been found.

Cleopatra lived in a time that was closer to the moment when Pizza Hut was invented, than the time the pyramids were built.

The pyramids were built between 2550 and 2490 BC, and Cleopatra, the last ruler of ancient Egypt, lived between 69 and 30 BC.

One of the most popular American franchises, popular restaurant chain Pizza Hut was launched in 1958. This is, comparing to the era of pyramids, much closer to the period in which beautiful Cleopatra lived.

Finland and North Korea are separated by a single country

Although Finland and North Korea are thousands of kilometers away from each other, there is in fact only one country between them – Russia.

Heroin as a common cold medicine

In 1890 heroin was presented as a medicine for the common cold, cough and fever, and it was prohibited in 1924.

Alaska extends to both hemispheres

Alaska is the northernmost, easternmost and westernmost state of the United States of America. Bigger part of its surface lies on west Earth’s hemisphere, but at the same time it exceeds antimeridian on the east thus lies on east Earth’s hemisphere as well.

A tree greater than the shopping center

In India there is a tree that covers the area larger than the average shopping center. In fact, huge “banyan” tree is covering 47,500 square meters, while the average area of a shopping center is 37,000 square meters.

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